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Conical head

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Conical head is a head with a tapered surface on the housing. The feature is that the medium can change the speed uniformly when passing through, which is convenient for unloading viscous liquids and solid particles. In order to reduce the discontinuous stress, the large or small end of the conical shell can adopt a flanged structure with a circular arc transition or a locally thickened structure. Under the internal pressure of the main part of the tapered head cone, the film stress occurs at...

  • D0: external head diameter
  • Di: internal head diameter
  • CR: crown radius
  • KR: knuckle radius
  • SF: straight flange height
  • H: height
  • t: wall thickness
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  • Size range: 70mm-6000mm integrated molding, can be segmented into larger sizes
    Thickness: 2mm-200mm
    Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, etc.
    Mainly used in pressure vessels and boilers in food, pharmaceutical, brewing, petroleum, chemical and other

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