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  • Basic Requirements For The Head

    China’s existing head standard is formulated according to the structure type (oval shape, dish shape, cone shape) and forming method (stamping, spinning), which not only causes the quality requirements of different standard heads to be incomplete. Consistent irrationality also brings some d...
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  • Sida Head Factory – Built-in Head

    Theoretical and practical installation of built-in heads 1. In theory, when installing the built-in head, it is necessary to ensure that the head is just seated in the cylinder, and the contact between the two is completely matched. To put it simply, the perimeter of the head port is exactly the ...
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  • Definition Of The Thickness Of The Head – GB150-1998

    Definition of the thickness of the head – GB150-1998     Xinxiang Sida Head Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of heads, which can be pressed by whole or in part. It can be used for smelting industry with ¢159–¢6000mm, thickness 2–100mm various materials for boiler an...
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