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  • Matters needing attention when heat treatment of stainless steel head

    The final result of the structural stress change of the stainless steel head is the surface tensile stress.On the other hand, due to the structural change of the steel during the heat treatment process, that is, when the austenite is transformed to martensite, the increase in volume will follow t...
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  • Production process and application of stainless steel head

    The head is a seal used on a pressure vessel. It is usually welded to the end of the pipe and comes in many styles. In the production process, you need to work step by step according to the production process. The production process of the stainless steel head is: feeding, physical and chemical, ...
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  • What are the characteristics of the use of dish heads

    What are the characteristics of the use of dish heads

    The dish-shaped head is also called a spherical head with a folded edge, which is composed of a spherical surface, a straight edge of a cylinder of a certain height, and a transition portion connecting the above two parts with a radius of curvature smaller than the spherical radius. Compared with...
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  • The temperature differences during the production of the head.

    The temperature differences during the production of the head.

    The head needs temperature support during manufacture. Due to the different materials used to make the head, the temperature requirements are also different. The following describes the temperature differences during the production of the head. The head manufacturing unit determines whether the p...
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  • Tips for ordering heads

    Tips for ordering heads

    1.Head shape, nominal diameter (inner diameter Di, outer diameter Do), thickness, straight edge height, material, bevel, quantity. 2. Executive standard: JB / T4746-2002 “Steel pressure capacity Device heads”. 3. Use of head and storage medium. 4.Material requirements: re-inspection, ...
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  • Difference between head and  tube cap

    Difference between head and tube cap

    When you talk about the head, you may think of a word, that is, what is the difference between the cap and the tube cap? I will show you about the head and the cap. The head is a part of the pressure-capacity boiler accessories It is used at both ends of the pressure vessel and then at the end of...
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  • Precautions when manufacturing stamping heads

    The specific process of manufacturing the head is as follows; heating. Since the sheet material undergoes a large plastic deformation during stamping, most of the heads are hot stamped. However, the aluminum head is basically stamped, and the stainless steel sheet is stamped as much as possible. ...
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  • Production inspection of elliptical head

    Elliptical heads are a type of boiler component in a pressure vessel and are typically used at both ends of a pressure vessel. 1. The production, inspection and inspection of the head should be in accordance with the rules and regulations, and should also meet the requirements of the drawings or ...
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  • Factors affecting the strength of the elliptical head

    First, the elliptical head has a higher impact strength, and the orientation is higher under normal conditions, but it is lower in crystallinity. Because the elliptical head has a certain internal stress, and the material itself has degradation and fusion, these will directly affect the impact st...
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  • Head note

    The head is one of the various pressure vessel boilers and cans of the cans to achieve the sealing function. The general use range of the head is: 19mm-6000mm The larger the model’s head will have more relative problems during use. Let’s take a look at the use of the head. 1. Shape of...
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  • Processing knowledge of the head factory

    The integral forming and split forming of the carbon steel head is a method of head processing. The overall forming process mainly includes press forming and spin forming, as well as explosive forming, gas (liquid) pressure expansion forming, etc. which are rarely used. The overall forming can be...
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